FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is possible to rent a car in one town and return it in another. Please feel free to contact our employees for more detail on this offer, as well as for all the fees related to it.
The person renting a vehicle has to be at least 21 and has to possess a valid driver's licence for category B for two years minimum.
When renting a vehicle, the client has to possess valid ID card or a passport and a valid driver's licence for category B held for at least one year. The client also needs a credit card for pre-authorization. The credit card will not be debited at this step, our staff will only check its validity. The card will be charged in case the rented vehicle is damaged (in case of agreed franchise or damage to the vehicle interior), the client violates the traffic rules while driving the rented vehicle, etc.
Yes, it is possible. More than one driver can drive the vehicle but it is necessary to draft a special close on the subject in the Contract and additional driver(s) have to be entered into the formulation of the Contract. The same rules apply to the first and the other driver(s) (minimum age limit, duration of the driver's licence validity). Additional driver fee applies.
SunCity agency covers all the costs related to vehicle malfunction which was not caused by the driver's mistake. The vehicle will be towed to the nearest car repair shop at our cost and you the client will be given a new vehicle of the same category. SunCity agency will not cover the costs related to vehicle malfunction which was caused by the driver's mistake (usage of the wrong fuel, flat tyre, loss of the car key, etc.).

It is necessary to contact the police at number 112 and notify the SunCity agency staff of the accident, the culprit and whether there are any injured people. Our employees will give you the guidelines on how to proceede. Which insurance does the rented vehicle possess and which ones can I pay additionally? All our vehicles are covered by:

  • AO obligatory insurance towards third persons
  • CDW Collision Damage Waiver along with a lesee franchise depending on the category of the rented vehicle
  • PAI Personal Accident Insurance
  • TP theft protection insurance

CBC cross border charge Each lessee can get SCDW – full casco insurance (without franchise) which, with a minumum fee (depending on the category of the rented vehicle) removes any and all financial costs related to the franchise in case of damage or theft of the vehicle.

All our passenger vehicles are rented to unlimited mileage regardless of the lease duration.

Yes, all our vehicles are allowed to cross the state lines.
One hour delay is allowed without any penalty fees being charged, but in case of longer delay penalties corresonding to a half-day or daily rent will be charged.
Yes, it is possible to prolong the already agreed rent duration, the only prerequisite is that the clint informs our staff of their intent and obtains their approval.
All credit cards are welcome, as well as cash. Credit card payment can be done outside our office, at the vehicle return spot (at your hotel, apartment, camp site or airport).
Yes, we offer all our clients FREE vehicle delivery to their hotel, apartment, camp, airport or requested address. All you have to do I give us the exact address and our staff will meet you there as soon as possible. This is valid for all spots within a 10 km radius from our branch offices.
Naturally, all our branch offices offer delivery and return services at airports. All you have to do is give us the flight number and the city of departure and our friendly staff will deliver the vehicle free of charge.
Yes, the rent includes a whole range of additional equipment, such as children's car seats for variou age groups, GPS navigation system, winter tires, snow chains, ski holders and THULE roof boxes.
It is necessary to return the vehicle with the egzactly the same fuel level as the one present at vehicle takeover. In case the fuel level is lower, the difference will be charged at return.
Yes, it is possible to change the reservation date, but it is necessary to inform our staff of this by sending an e-mail to Furthermore, you have to obtain our agreement on the change.
No, you don't since the rent price includes regular external and internal cleaning. You will be charged for cleaning only in cases of hot or cold beverage spills or hard soiling. Feel free to contact us for all additional questions or details at or +385981789678.